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Outdoor Education Area

Help Bring Outdoor Education to IEA!

Check out this video to see the OEA's groundbreaking in June 2020. You will take a short tour of what to expect as the OEA takes shape!

What is an Outdoor Education Area (OEA)?

IEA's OEA will contain a playground space, fitness trail, outdoor classroom, green space and classroom gardens! 
This space will be used by all of our students as often as weather permits. 

Why does IEA need an OEA?

An OEA will provide a safe place for students to learn, play and enjoy the outdoors. It will help students self-regulate and increase academic, social and emotional success while increasing physical stamina. 

Did you know...

  • Just 20 minutes of daily physical activity improves students' grades
  • Just 15 minutes outside improves student behavior
  • Outside play and fitness equipment can offer a number of sensory inputs, helping students find ways to regulate their behaviors
  • Outdoor activities provide 7 main benefits to children with autism including:  promoting communication, emotion, cognition, interaction, physical activity, and decreasing autistic sensitivity