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Speech & Language Pathology

Andrea Salcius, SLPA, working with a student

Speech and Language services at IEA support the learning of the student by looking at the student holistically.  This approach encompasses the student’s learning profile and how they learn best-verbally, visually, sensory or a combination.  A collaborative model allows the Speech/Language Pathologist and Speech/Language Pathology Assistant to work with all staff through differentiation of instruction in order to meet the unique needs of each student at IEA.

Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) Technical Assistance and Brokering Services Division provides a full range of services to the staff at IEA.  Our current Speech and Language Pathologist/Education Specialist, Alison Cianciolo, Speech and Language Pathology Assistant, Andrea Salcius, and Assistive Technology Education Specialist, Carolann Cormier, work with our team of teachers in building capacity in the communication domain.