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The role of the school nurse at IEA is to provide primary and preventive healthcare to your children as well as early detection, treatment and correction of health problems

Intensive Education Academy receives school health care services through the Town of West Hartford Non-Public School Health Services Program.  This program provides professional nursing services for 35 hours per week.   Emergency nursing care as well as general and preventive health care is the focus of the school nursing services.  West Hartford’s Non-Public School Nursing Program follows established laws and regulation of the State of Connecticut and the Town of West Hartford.   Our nursing practice is based on the Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice developed by the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).  The Program has a physician medical advisor, who authorizes standing orders for certain medication and treatments and serves as a resource in all areas of child health care.

Components of school nursing services provided at IEA include health needs assessment including appropriate referrals to other health care professional, development of individual nursing care plans, illness, injury assessment and interventions, heath counseling for chronic illness, nutrition, disease prevention and lifestyles impacting student education, child advocacy, and medication administration.  Further, the school nurse is responsible for health screening including vision hearing, scoliosis, immunization, physical assessment, growth and development.

If your child needs any medication at school (prescription or over the counter, including Tylenol, Motrin and cough drops):

  • Obtain a signed, written order from the physician/dentist or health care provider which includes: the student's name, the name of the medication, the dose prescribed, the frequency of the dose, the reason for prescribing, the start date, the finish date, side effects to look for and any special instructions. (Form above.)
  • The medication order must be signed by the parent / guardian giving permission to allow school personnel to administer the medication.
  • Transport the medication to school yourself or with another responsible adult. Children CANNOT transport the medication themselves.
  • The medication must be in the original pharmacy container.
  • When filling your prescription ask the pharmacist for a “school bottle.”
  • Send only a 3 month supply or less of any medication.

Please contact the school nurse with any questions or concerns at 860-236-2049 ext. 113.

Nurse's Direct Fax: 1-860-760-6041 (please include the 1)

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