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Distance Learning

At Home Tips from our BCBA

At Home Tips from our BCBA


Create a Daily Schedule/Routine.

  • Times for academic work
  • Times for movement breaks (yoga, outside time, exercise, etc.)
  • Times for tech breaks (breaks for finishing work and non-contingent breaks)
  • Times for snacks
  • Times for daily chores
  • Time for individual attention (talk about preferred topics, play games, etc.)

Offer Choice in the Schedule.

  • Example: 9:00am - 9:30am your child can choose to work on English or Math
  • If you have to make a change in the schedule, provide as much notice as possible and preview the new activity with your child as much in advance as possible.

Use Visuals to Track the Day.

  • Visual schedules
  • Timers/alarms
  • Checklists
  • Charts

Provide Plenty of Behavior Specific Positive Verbal Praise When Your Child is Following the Routine/Completing Work.

  • Example: “I see that you have been working so hard on that writing assignment. You are doing such an awesome job with that assignment. It looks great.”

Break Up Large Assignments into Smaller Chunks.

  • Have your child complete short durations of work. (10 or 15 minute blocks)
  • “Block” the assignments
  • Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: complete only English/Reading and Math assignments. Tuesday, Thursday: complete only Science and History assignments.

Designate a “Break” Space Where Your Child Can Go and Be Alone.

  • Example: Your child is becoming overwhelmed with the current daily assignments and needs a break. They can go to the couch in the family room to take some space before coming back to work.

Establish a Reinforcement System. 

  • Example: your child can have access to a preferred item/activity for completing an assignment or for working for an established duration.