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Core Academic Program

Core Academic Program


IEA helps to develop five major skill areas: Decoding, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Life and Study Skills. We also develop listening and speaking skills.


Teachers work closely with the speech and language pathologist to develop receptive and expressive language skills orally and through written language activities. Language skills are taught through direct instruction. However, they are also practiced throughout the day as the opportunity arises in context. Many opportunities for language development are given through the exploration of literature and the opportunity to react to ideas presented. Language is explored throughout the disciplines and these skills are integrated into all lessons throughout the day.


Our goal is to help students understand math and to ensure that they acquire the skills they need to make it a useful part of their lives.

Science/Social Studies

These subjects are taught daily and integrated across the curriculum. Students engage in experiments and multi-sensory experiences that enable them to problem solve and explore a concept in order to link the concept to personal experiences. These methods increase opportunities for learning and insure that students are able to retain learned concepts.