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Additional Services

Additional Services

Field Trips

Visits to museums, nature centers, and libraries are an important part of the IEA curriculum. Our students also participate in cultural events and attend performances that are educationally beneficial – all in an effort to forge an experience base that will help our children in the future.

Educational Evaluations

IEA provides a base educational evaluation for each student to provide a benchmark for his or her growth. If a learning disability exists, the evaluation defines the nature of the disability and prescribes an educational program that is developed in conjunction with the student and his or her parents. Progress is monitored with individualized standardized testing and required state testing.

Individual Tutoring

Some students at IEA may need additional, one-on-one tutoring to reinforce individualized programs. Sessions are scheduled to meet the specific needs of the child and are performed by qualified teachers available in all the academic areas.

Transitional Planning

As required by the State of Connecticut, we discuss transition needs at yearly reviews and support these needs throughout the year through the individual’s planned program. Many opportunities are available for development of career skills within the classrooms and through job coaching within our facility and off-site at community locations. Our staff also works with parents and students to prepare for all requirements needed in the event that post high school education in technical schools or at colleges is chosen.

Pre-vocational Program 

IEA begins helping students to apply their academic skills to daily living skills at a very early age in preparation for their future success as productive members of society. As students reach middle school and high school, the emphasis on development of life skills and later prevocational skills become more intense. IEA has developed a program that links academic skills very closely to pre-requisites for career choices and employment. Pre-vocational classes are taught daily at the high school level. On-site and Community Based Job-Coaching is also available. Student participation is individualized and determined during annual development of the Individual Educational Plan.

Character Development/Social Skills

IEA stimulates learning in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Students are taught skills of social interaction in order to create a positive self-image which will follow them from the educational setting into their lives as successful citizens. Character development classes are taught each morning. These classes enable students to develop social skills needed in daily living. Skills are reinforced throughout the school day and re-taught in context when necessary as the need arises. The small structured setting, high ratio of special educators to student and staff expertise on every student enrolled makes this development of social skills and self-image a possibility and reality.