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STARS is IEA's annual evening of celebration! We take this time to celebrate a year's worth of success and enjoy an evening fundraising for our students.

The 2020 STARS Evening of Celebration was held as a virtual celebration on Friday, November 6th. The virtual celebration was a big success raising nearly $40,000 to support the students at IEA. The event featured a virtual toast, live entertainment from IEA students, and a gift box for you! 2020 STARS was a celebration of the resilience of IEA students and staff as the pandemic has completely changed the typical school day at IEA.

We are extremely grateful for those who attended the event, who sponsored the event and who made generous gifts to this school built on love.

Check out the 2020 STARS Program booklet:

Couldn't make it to the live celebration? Don't worry, you can support IEA year round by visiting our donation page:

Proceeds will continue to help cover many of the unexpected costs incurred to re-open IEA safely this fall for our students. We know our students thrive when they are in a caring, nurturing and focused learning environment, so IEA teachers and staff continue to do everything they can to keep our building a safe place to welcome our students to each day.

Celebrate the Outdoor Education Area!


2020 Stars Event Committee

Laruen Fine, Corey Glider, Mindy Jason, Julie Krug, Michael Lepore, Chip Monzeglio, Johnny C. Paindiris, Susan Pribyson, Natasha Segool