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IEA's Distance Learning Update

Dear Families,

It is incredible to think that just a week ago, our students and staff were in our classrooms. Today, we continue to navigate around constantly changing guidelines and circumstances. IEA remains committed to implementing, to the maximum extent possible, a special education program which meets the needs of our students.

As you know, in response to guidance from the Connecticut Commission of Education, IEA has implemented a distance learning model for our students.  As of Monday, through enrichment activities and collaboration with your child’s teacher, your child has already begun distance learning. It is expected that distance learning days will count towards our academic calendar days. At this time, we anticipate that our school calendar will remain unchanged and that April break will remain as scheduled; our last day of school for students will remain June 15. 

Because of this, it is expected that all students participate in distance learning to the extent that they are able. We know all family circumstances are different and ever changing during this difficult time. Personalization has always been a hallmark of an education at IEA and that will continue as we find our way through these new circumstances.

By clicking here, you will find the expectations of distance learning and tips on how to be successful. Although this document provides a significant amount of information, IEA recognizes that we are in the midst of a fluid situation which will likely require continual modifications and adjustments - particularly if the school building is closed for a lengthy period of time. We understand that it is not possible to exactly replicate what would be occurring if classes were in session. However, distance learning activities and lessons can be effective in providing learning continuity while school buildings are closed. The information attached is designed to provide clarity about the expectations and responsibilities for distance learning. 

We fully recognize that challenges will arise as we continue this new endeavor. Please be in discussion with your child’s teacher, related services team and administration so that we can help you throughout the process. We are a team, all working to ensure your child’s success, even more so in these uncertain times.


Jeff Forman & Michelle Andrews        
Executive Director  &  Director of Education