Kindergarten Program

Teacher's Assistant, Ms. Verdi, and Classroom Teacher, Ms. Williams

Recently IEA has seen an increase in referrals for younger students. Upon identifying an unmet need in the community, IEA opened a kindergarten classroom last spring. Through our kindergarten curriculum we are able to ensure younger students are receiving age-appropriate academic instruction and meeting the necessary benchmarks . The classroom teacher, Ms. Yolanda Williams, brings a calm demeanor and enthusiasm for young children that creates a delightful learning enviornment.

Our kindergarten classroom partners with our elementary classroom throughout the day, allowing both groups of students an opportunity for social interaction and peer modeling.


The kindergarten program is a full-day program (8:00-2:45, except Wednesdays 8:00-1:00) and all related services (occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, nursing, counseling, behavioral analyst, etc.) are available to students as necessary. Kindergarten students take part in all school specials including art, music, physical education and health.

We are currently accepting enrollment to this program. Click here to schedule a tour!