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Teacher's Assistant

1. To be knowledgeable of and adhere to all policies and the philosophy of IEA.

2. Will read and become familiar with IEA Handbook Staff, Emergency Procedures, Fire Drill Procedures, and the Parent/Student handbook.

3. Will meet standards of professional and ethical conduct.

4. Will maintain professional conduct at all times.

5. Will maintain the confidentiality of all students.

6. Will work assigned time schedule – being prompt for all duties

7. Will maintain a satisfactory attendance record.

8. Will attend scheduled TA meeting.

9. Will assist classroom teacher in building and maintaining effective instructional team.

10. Will assist teacher with maintaining learner centered supportive environments.

11. Will assist teacher with engaging students in learning and assisting in instruction.

12. Will also enhance/develop his/her experience in working with special needs students.

13. Will perform tasks assigned by teacher for the smooth running of the classroom.

14. Will develop a rapport with student(s).

15. Will share his/her areas of expertise to enrich class activities.

16. Will defer all discipline problems and enforcement of behavior management & disciplinary action to classroom teacher.

17. Will become familiar with what technology and assistive technology devices facilitate student learning.

18. Will assist with job coaching students in a prevocational setting.

19. Will perform alternate duties wherever and whenever needed within the school.

20. Will become familiar with the Mission Statement of IEA.

Instructional Support

The U.S. Department of Education states that paraprofessionals provide instructional support, but they

should not provide planned direct instruction or introduce students to new skill, concepts or academic

content (2004, title 1 Paraprofessionals: Non-Regulatory Guidance). To clarify, paraprofessionals

should not teach students anything that has not been taught in the school’s curriculum by the certified


The above guidance should be used to support paraprofessionals as they work with teachers in the

classroom to help all students. A paraprofessional may provide review to a small group while the

certified teacher provides instruction to the whole class or the teacher may lead a small group in a

discussion to enhance their learning while the paraprofessional reinforces the content that has already

been taught.

Behavior Management

As a member of the school team, the paraprofessional may have a role in classroom behavior

management or for particular students. Once again, the certified and supervising teacher should have

developed skills in this area to ensure appropriate transfer to the paraprofessional.

Disability specific Training

Frequently, a basic understanding of specific disabilities may be helpful to a paraprofessional’s

interaction with a student. For example, knowing some of the fairly common characteristics of those

students with whom you work may better prepare you for difficult situations or, on a more positive

note, help you understand their strengths. This not to say that all students with a particular disability

act or learn in the same way because clearly they do not.

Minimum Qualifications:

High School Diploma/New Hires 2 years of college